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I am available to shoot events, wedding and other important events you wish to photograph. My blog serves as an outlet to see what I have been up to and what I am currently working on.



Amber’s Day Trip to the Wissahickon Valley

This was a spontaneous trip planned with my friend Amber to go into the city to take photos.  Of course it means that we didn’t plan for the hot weather and the lack of water and that we didn’t eat anything.  Well it was an ADVENTURE!


Fisheye Project

So I am going to try to start a new project.  Seeing what I can come up with a  Fisheye Lens.  I had a trip planned but it was postponed.  I am going to venture into the city on my days off to see what I can come up with.  Here is my starter…

Whitney experiences the Fish Eye Lens Effect

Whitney experiences the Fish Eye Lens Effect

I am going to experiment more and see what  I can come up to learn new techniques.

Life! Thinking of starting a Photography Business

So I am going to attempt to look into starting a photography business with the down time I have in the next few months.  Here is my most recent update.  I just got a Fish Eye lense so I am going to experiment with that and also possibly try to take more photos overall.  I think it is a good time to start.  I am going to drag my friends out on trips to photograph stuff.

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An Update? It’s been too long.

Well it’s been a while…  Life for me has been very busy and very eventful this last year.  So more or less I want to start doing creative stuff again.  I haven’t had the chance to do photography on a grand scale lately but here are a few highlights.

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So I hope to plan a few photo outings in the future.  Probably by myself, but still need to hone my skills further.

Aloha Flower Show

So I went to the Flower Show twice this year.  It was interesting to go twice and have a different perspective twice.  So here is my contribution to another fun time at the flower show.

The flower show is an annual event that happens at the PA Convention Center.  The best time to go is probably not at the beginning or at the end.  Probably closer to the middle.  It makes sense I tell you.  It was crowed at times but I did love having a taste of Hawaii in the city of Brotherly Love.

Flowers? Why yes!

Well the annual flower show has descended on Philadelphia again this year.  I make it an annual trip to go take pictures of all the interesting foliage.  I decided to pay homage to last year’s show before I go visit again.

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I think I just like taking pictures of foliage and people observing that for said foliage.  Overall the flower show is an abundance of that and they are starting to serve alcohol more at these events.  But still I assume it to be a classy and not shabby event.  My Mom was serious when I said I was going with my sister that I should take a date…I assured her I tried, but alas with my track record and the flower show I am leaning towards keeping the event as normal as possible.  Thanks Mom!

Day Trips

So here is a few of the randoms shots I go out and take.  I like shooting people.  They usually give very random expressions, but also new interesting places usually give a story to tell.  I hope to continue the trend and find places where I can take a decent photo.

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